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Castle Bridge Media is an independent publisher of predominantly genre books,
with particular interest in horror, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy.

1A Movie Club: The Best Of The Bad (Junk Film's Katharine Coldiron) - NPR 1A

Sirius XM host Arlene Bynon interviews Katharine Coldiron for Junk Film - CanadaTalks Sirius FM

BBC Radio's David White interviews Katharine Coldiron for Junk Film - BBC UK Cornwall

Interview with Katharine Coldiron for Junk Film: Why Bad Movies Matter -  The Pitch

Review of Junk Film: Why Bad Movies Matter - The Economist (paywall)

Cover Reveal for Dominic by Lee Guzman - Bleeding Cool

Katharine Coldiron's essay about Junk Film: Why Bad Movies Matter - AirMail Weekly

Review of Junk Film: Why Bad Movies Matter - Flick Attack

Mike Caron Productions Developing Adaptation of Monster Kid Detective Squad - Deadline

Review of Ghosts of the Forbidden—Gothic Romance Is Back! - The Gothic Library

Review of Ghosts of the Forbidden - Glazier's Gap Book 1  - Publishers Weekly

Q&A with Dream State author Martin Ott - Deborah Kalb Books

Review of Yesterday's Tomorrows: The Golden Age of Science Fiction Movies - Flick Attack

Leanna Renee Hieber on her upcoming contemporary Gothic romance novel,
Ghosts of the Forbidden
- Castle Talk, Castle of Horror Podcast

Cover Reveal for Ghosts of the Forbidden by Leanna Renee Hieber - Fantasy Cafe

Exclusive Cover Reveal from Castle Bridge Media: Surf Mystic: Dark of the Curl - ComicCrusaders

Jason Henderson's 18 Miles From Town Optioned for TV & Film - BleedingCool

How Two Friends Turned Their Love Of Scary Stories Into A ‘Castle Of Horror’ – Texas Standard

Grisly Slabs of Gothic Horror (A review of Nightwalkers by Bruce Lanier Wright) – The New York Times

'That Whole Decade Was Seminal': In Churl Yo's 'Austinites' Is A Love Letter To '90s Austin – KUT 90.5 NPR

Review of Castle of Horror Anthology Vol. 4: Women Running from Houses – The Gothic Library

Austin Artist Collective (An interview with Austinites author In Churl Yo) – KOOP 91.7 FM

Women Running from Houses Unearths New Gothic Horrors for the Halloween Season – Horrorbuzz

Science Fiction to Look for This April (A review of Isonation by In Churl Yo) - Amazing Stories

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Denver, Colorado

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