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Advance Praise for A Forgery in Lyon:

“Tension in a novel is difficult to maintain at a pitch that actually creates a physical impact. A few of the best writers can do it, and among them is Janice Nagourney.” — Vincent dePaul Lupiano, author of Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane


“What a change in situation! Just when everything seemed to be going well for our heroines, unexpected events once again put them in serious danger. I love following the adventures of Alex and Marie-Agnès!” — Laura, Literature & Art History teacher


A Forgery in Lyon

A translator's tranquil life in the French countryside is shattered when a retired FBI agent returns to rekindle their relationship and she plunges once again into an international criminal's web of deceit.


Six months have passed since the events of A Forgery in Paris when French-American translator Alex Thornhill and FBI agent Eugene Spector infiltrated the world of international art criminal Jacques Mornnais to try to restore a fortune paid for a fake Poussin. Now, Jacques' head enforcer has seemingly come back from the dead, and Alex and Jacques gingerly approach plunging back into Jacques' dangerous world-- and each other's arms.


The French Deception Series

Pulsing with an exquisite, authentic eye for the richly-textured world its characters inhabit, the French Deception series features compelling characters, surprising plot twists, and continental romance for its kick-ass female heroine. The books of Janice Nagourney's page-turning series focus on the growing romance between Alex and Eugene as they push into the organized crime in the art world in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse.


About the Author

French Deception is the debut series of Marseille-based attorney Janice Nagourney, founder of consulting group and Parisian speaker's bureau Thought Leaders International. She has booked speakers for hundreds of events in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Janice graduated from Cornell University and NYU Law School, and completed pre-doctoral studies in international law at the University of Paris law school.

French Deception 2: A Forgery in Lyon by Janice Nagourney



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