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Advance Praise for A Forgery in Lyon:

“Tension in a novel is difficult to maintain at a pitch that actually creates a physical impact. A few of the best writers can do it, and among them is Janice Nagourney.” — Vincent dePaul Lupiano, author of Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane


“What a change in situation! Just when everything seemed to be going well for our heroines, unexpected events once again put them in serious danger. I love following the adventures of Alex and Marie-Agnès!” — Laura, Literature & Art History teacher


A Forgery in Lyon

A translator's tranquil life in the French countryside is shattered when a retired FBI agent returns to rekindle their relationship and she plunges once again into an international criminal's web of deceit.


Six months have passed since the events of A Forgery in Paris when French-American translator Alex Thornhill and FBI agent Eugene Spector infiltrated the world of international art criminal Jacques Mornnais to try to restore a fortune paid for a fake Poussin. Now, Jacques' head enforcer has seemingly come back from the dead, and Al