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On Sale October 13, 2020. Pre-Order Now!


The theme is Gothic-- the horror of Gothic romance. Throughout the mid-century, paperback Gothic romance books dominated the shelves, always featuring a woman running away from a house. (Go ahead, Google "women running from houses.") Gothic romances tended to tell stories of women coming into conflict with old families, old houses and old traditions. So we've asked a bevy of best-selling writers to celebrate the movement with their own horrific takes on gothic. Run from the house with us!

The collection features stories from Jason Henderson Michael Aronovitz, Amanda Dewees, John Ohno, Charles Rutledge, Bonnie Ho Stufflebeam, Jim Towns, Jeremiah Cook, Rob Nisbet, and Leanna Renee Hieber.

Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 4: Women Running from Houses



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