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Elise Corto-Intel is an Intel Operative, a thief. Her next heist is tricky, sure. Infiltrate the offices of an evangelical preacher for a rival company and steal some data. But the preacher, Josephine, is much more than she appears to be. She doesn’t just try to convert people to Ibhalism, she might be better at Elise’s job than Elise is.

Now, Elise is up against the greatest threat she’s ever faced, a threat that might unravel the precarious balance of power in Jayu City. And Josephine’s bodyguard, a former professional fighter, isn’t making things any easier. If Elise wants to stop Josephine and survive, she’ll need everything and everyone at her disposal: a brilliant teen hacker, the enigmatic Cloak of Corto, and a rogue AI who shouldn’t exist.

Chris M. Arnone's cyberpunk science fiction NECROPOLIS ALPHA is the exciting follow-up to THE HERMES PROTOCOL, following an Intel Operative with cybernetic enhancements as she tries to stop a plot to tear apart everything she holds dear.



Jayu City Chronicles Book 2: Necropolis Alpha by Chris M. Arnone



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