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In Dominic, a woman and her former-supermodel grandmother must fight a possessed dummy that has haunted her family since the fantastic success of her world-famous ventriloquist great-grandfather.


The book is in part inspired by legends surrounding the story of supermodel Candice Bergen, whose father Edgar Bergen famously provided ventriloquist dummy Charlie McCarthy with his own room– and eventually left an inheritance to the dummy but not his daughter. In Dominic, a lawyer named Dina, a granddaughter of a Bergen-like supermodel, finds herself suddenly stalked by the dummy– her a barbershop-quartet-themed dummy called Dominic– who is back and looking for someone to control him. When the dummy begins killing Dina's friends and stalking her through the twentieth-century-pop-culture museum her family runs, Dina must learn the truth about the dummy that until recently was kept under glass. Dina turns to her grandmother, a former supermodel who can help her discover the secret demonic origins of the dummy.

Dominic by Lee Guzman



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