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“Freaking awesome! Dive in with this divorced dad and his small-town woes, then get swept away by his deadly race to find a missing child—and maybe a new definition of family. Competitive Christmas floats? A body at the Reindeer Games? The holidays will never be the same! After this explosive introduction, I'm eagerly awaiting Knight’s next thriller.” -- E. Chris Ambrose, author of the Bone Guard series

“Fast, yet smooth. Knight has a writing style that pulls you in, and a story that won’t let you go.” --Nick Thacker, USA Today Bestselling Author

Jeff McKenzie used to be young, good-looking, and married. Now his ex-wife’s new husband is all of those things, and Jeff is just doing the best he can to spend time with his teenage daughter. But when a body turns up in the park during the holiday festival and sets the town on edge, and then his ex-wife’s stepson vanishes right off Jeff’s float during the Christmas parade, accusations fly. His float, his fault, and maybe the two incidents are related. With the police breathing down his neck, accusing him of murder and kidnapping, even his own daughter starts doubting him, and Jeff knows he is running out of time to find the real kidnapper before it’s too late—for everyone.

Mid-Life Crisis Thriller Book 2: Lost Angel by Sam Knight



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