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"Blends surfing, soapy small-town politics, and destructive demons in a page-turning alchemy that will transform your summer days. Come on in—the waves are epic!" —David Bowles, Pura Belpre Winner 

Something evil stalks Laguna Beach—and only a young surfer girl named Frannie can stop it.

In 1958 Laguna Beach, California, a girl escapes tragedy by learning to surf with a close-knit group of misfits while spending her nights working at the shady tiki bar Cafe Monstro. But when a powerful demon in disguise targets the cafe in search of the mysterious, future-revealing empty books called Blanks, she must learn her uncle's Jewish mystical secrets to destroy the demon and free her friends. A 1950s thriller of surfing, water ghosts, dybbuk boxes, yiddish curses, and supernatural romance.

Surf Mystic: Night of the Book Man is a debut coming-of-age horror novel and a love letter to California surf culture and the books, art and music of the mid-century, from Frankie & Annette and Gidget to Dragnet and Stephen King's IT.

Surf Mystic Book 1: Night of the Book Man by Peyton Douglas



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